Come Let Us Reason Together

Wow! Been a long time since I have posted anything. I have been going back and forth about doing a Blog/Vlog/Podcast and I don’t think any of what I do fits into one of these categories. I don’t like to video myself, but I have posted “videos” of just me talking. I haven’t just “written” anything, until now, but am contemplating whether I should read what I am writing. Then there is the Podcast. I really feel this is something I am going to be venturing out into soon. So, as I have always stated from the start-I am going to be me, open, honest and I know that this will not be something for everyone, but again, if it touches one person, then I feel I am doing something right. A missionary recently said, “behind every soul is a village” I have a love hate relationship with technology and social media. But I am going to try to use if for the good!
Now, let’s move forward. I wanted to share a bit about what’s been on my mind the past few days. I am so saddened by all the division and hate I am seeing, and that most people won’t even sit down and have a conversation together. If you don’t believe what I believe, then I can’t be your “friend” and don’t even talk to me. (Quoted from a lot of people’s posts and conversations lately) What happened to the old saying, “Agree to disagree?” What happened to having a good old debate based on facts mixed with passion and compassion? Over the years my beliefs have become stronger because of these conversations, I have learned and grown and have become a better person. What is happening in our culture? It truly is what they are labeling a cancel culture. (You can google the definition) How are we to grow and learn if we just put up our hand to every opposing opinion we come across and walk away?
Then a scripture came to my mind that says, “Come let us reason together, though your sins were as scarlet, they will be made white as snow…..” Isaiah 1:18. Then I decided to look at what was happening in this scripture and Wow!!! the similarities in Isaiah to what we are seeing now, and his prophesies being fulfilled then and pertaining to us now. The division back in that time and the division now and all pertaining to similar sins and rebellion-and what is the answer? “Come, let us reason together” Reason about what? For us to come together and to bring forth the truth (our need to repent and turn from our wicked ways and receive the gift of salvation) and to love. To come together in a place of true listening to the hurts and fears of people, but to then be led by the Holy Spirit to speak forth the truth in a loving manner, but for it to be the truth. We cannot respond the same way the world is responding with a cancel culture mindset-how many times have you heard Christians be judgmental without even taking the time to listen between the lines and to see the hurt behind the words? Christians have been just as guilty as writing people off when others don’t respond to the biblical truths. Where is the Love? On the other hand, we shouldn’t water down the truth or hide behind “I’m walking in Love” to avoid the hard conversations. Where is the balance between Truth and Love? I had a friend share a TikTok with me and the man talked about how we can’t hide behind love to avoid sharing the truth because if we truly love and care about people, we want them to know the truth. And to truly be set free from the evil of this world we can’t just show love. It says in the scriptures, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32) Love doesn’t set us free, the truth does. The truth that we have freedom from sin and death through Jesus and Him alone. But how do we share the truth in a loving way?
I believe we should follow the words here that God has spoken- Let us reason together, let’s talk about this, listen to their fears and their side of an issue and then we can present the truth about the sin and rebellion because we love them and we don’t want any to perish and we can share that “though their sins be as scarlet they can be made white as snow.” And then they are truly set free. It is not our job to change someone’s mind or to get someone saved. The scripture says it’s the kindness that brings us to repentance (Romans 2:3-4) and it’s the work of the holy spirit-we are just to share what God has done for us and share the free gift of salvation and let the Holy Spirit do His work. My youngest and I had a conversation the other day and she was saying that she was thankful that I listened to her. We don’t agree on some topics, but I try hard to be understanding to her side and she does the same to me. She has taught me a lot and I hope it has gone both way 😊 We may not agree with a person, but we can listen and validate the feelings and point of view of that person, especially if we want them to listen to ours. This is mutual respect. And my daughter knows that the issues that I do take a stand on are because I truly believe in them, and my beliefs aren’t selfish but have roots in love. But she knows this because she knows me, and we have a relationship. So that is also something we need to take into consideration when talking with people is that if someone doesn’t know me or trust me then why should they listen to anything I say. That is again why we should take the time to reason together-come together in love and then be led by the Holy Spirit to speak the truth.

I could go on and on but that’s about it for now. I would encourage you to read Isaiah-at least the first part. The Bible project has great videos on explaining what’s taking place during this time and will really make you go Wow!
You can find them here
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I would love to hear your comments about what I shared.
Until we meet again-
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